Successful But Overwhelmed

Today is an anniversary of sorts.

You’ve made it to one year of not worrying about how you will pay your rent or some other significant bill in your life. Your phone is ringing off the hook and people are lining up to work with you.



But why do you feel overwhelmed?

You dreamt of this day when you would be a successful business owner.

Shouldn’t you be feeling grateful?

Instead, you are wishing for the phone to stop ringing. You are ignoring your inbox and please no one else say I can’t wait to work with you.

This is a common occurrence for businesswomen as they grow. All the late nights, the stressful days and the constant worries of bill paying and am I doing the right thing, give way to chronic illness and resentment even as your bank account balance improves.

The answer to the challenge is simple to say but can be difficult to do. If you’ve read my posts on joy, then you know that is what I believe we should all be in pursuit of. When you can find your joy then everything else settles into alignment.

But how do you find joy in the middle of what now just feels overwhelming?

It is time to take a break and remember.

Why did you start the business?

What are the aspects of the work you do that absolutely light you up?

What areas you wish weren’t a necessary part of the business?

Be honest with yourself.

You don’t have to make yourself love something just because you believe it comes with being a business owner. You can still do it even if it doesn’t light you up. But when you are taxed on time and energy then it is best to focus on the aspects of your work where joy resides. It may be time to look at hiring part-time help or a full-time employee if the work requires it.

Pursuing joy is a courageous undertaking but filled with multiple rewards.

I offer a limited number of one-on-one slots for private coaching. I enjoy supporting women who are building their empire to thrive as they triumph. We begin with a 45-minute strategy call and if you desire ongoing support, we will design a program that works for you. Learn more here…

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