Lean Into Joy

Distractions are everywhere and some of it is passing itself off as legitimate concerns.

Business is already challenged and now artificial intelligence (AI) is gunning for us. Everyone says figure out how to use it to your advantage but where will you find the time to do this?

You awake feeling a pain that reminds you that you are human and maybe you’re about to manifest every hereditary disease in your bloodline.

Your children need more money and the dog won’t stop barking.

It’s loud and it’s busy and it is taking you away from your peace.

We can’t pretend them away or sometimes even believe them away.

Not sure where to focus?

Consider what brings you joy. Pursue the goals that will bring you more of it.

Action creates shifts.

Start by shutting down the noise by opening your mouth and making declarations of God’s goodness and His unchanging and unfailing love for you and yours.

Speak words of awesomeness about yourself. Celebrate how far you have come and your excitement for more successes.

Make a list of actions you WILL take to counter the fears and concerns. Is there someone you can call for advice on your current business challenge? Block an hour in your calendar to read up on AI and how others in your sector are using it to level up their services.

Visit your doctor or nearest community health centre to speak to a nurse.

Remind your children of how much you love them and encourage them to discover their own paths to earn an income. At any age they can create value which can be exchanged for financial gain.

The dog?

Maybe you need to spend some time getting down to their level and having a chat.

No matter what you face, Lean into Joy.

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