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When 19-year-old Kyle finds himself jobless after college, he embarks on a journey into entrepreneurship. Guided by his Uncle Ned, who challenges him to go beyond selling roadside food, Kyle must overcome his fears, think big, and outclass the competition in a pandemic. Over the course of five years, he discovers how a small idea can have global impact.


“Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last is a blueprint for both the novice and emerging entrepreneur on how to exploit opportunities. This extraordinary book captures the essentials of building and maintaining a successful business with a unique Caribbean flare.” – Lloyd Ryan, Business Educator and Lecturer

Dear Caribbeanpreneur,

I call you that even if you are at the start of your journey into entrepreneurship. Welcome to my website.

As a mother of four and mentor to many, I am more passionate than ever about helping you start a business. Not only to meet your daily needs but so you can leave a legacy for those you love.

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  • Showing Up Powerfully Online and in Life

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