#SundaySermon: Looking Back to Move Forward

One of the things you learn to do when practicing for your driver’s license is to reverse.

The real ones know how to reverse the vehicle with only the use of the rearview mirrors, rather than having to turn in your seat to look over your shoulder.

It’s safer to use your mirrors as you can have a full range of view in front as well as know what’s happening at the back of the vehicle.

The end of another year seems a suitable time to look back but be careful.

Are you physically turning in your seat rehashing all that went wrong, all the issues left unfinished and overly concerned about what is to come?

Use your mirrors to look back.

Build a memorial, not to your regrets but to your blessings.

In Joshua 4, the Children of Israel built a memorial with twelve stones, one for each tribe, to remind future generations of the place where they crossed over the river on dry land. They had come through a challenging 40 years of wandering. They had also lost their fearless leader Moses. Building a memorial, gives you a space to pause and think of all God’s goodness and the obstacles He helped you to overcome.

Today, take a few moments and build a memorial. Can you find twelve things, one for each month of the year that you want to give God glory for? It took me a moment to come up with twelve significant moments but once I began, the list quickly grew.

Celebrating the ways in which God has brought you through another year, will set your heart and mind right and fill you with faith. The God of 2023 will be the God of 2024. He is faithful. He is kind. He is just and He is true.

I pray a blessing of peace, joy, and living in the goodness of God for you and those you love in 2024.

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