#SundaySermon – Come Up Higher

I couldn’t get comfortable enough on that seven-hour flight to fall asleep. I watched old movies and TV shows between spurts of guilt for interrupting the guy sleeping soundly on the aisle. Now as they wrapped up the breakfast service, I began to feel the rays of the sun warming my skin. This surprised me.

It had been cold throughout the night flight into London, and now that it was time to land the sun was out and I could feel it. The sun doesn’t usually work this time of year in this part of the world, and it felt so good on my skin. I soaked it up. I enjoyed the sunlight gleaming on the clouds as we rushed by.

But as we descended below the clouds, the warmth disappeared.

Now, this was what I was expecting, and what the temperature was going to be on the ground. COLD!

I began immediately to long for the warmth of the sun.

On the ground, despite the coldness of the temperature, I have this inner warmth. I know the sun is shining somewhere and it has not lost its power to emit rays of light or heat.

What you may be going through may have you believing you are powerless, and your situation is too. It’s not true. It is time to see your circumstance from a different position. Come up higher and keep your eyes on the One who sees all and knows all.

Jesus loves you and He is still on the throne.

Psalm 110:1 – A Psalm of David. The LORD said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.”

The Lord is asking you to sit down and watch as He works. He wants you to rest in the knowledge that just as the sun has not lost its power, neither has the blood that He shed for you at Calvary.

This Christmas, I want you not to see Jesus as the baby in the manger, but the king who came to give His life for you so you can walk in wholeness in every area of your life.

See yourself victorious. Your problem won’t look the same from that position.

May the hope of Christmas and the warmth of His love provide the protection, peace, and provision that you desire for you and those you love.

Zion is calling me to a higher place of praise.
To stand upon the mountain and to magnify his name.
To tell all the people of every nation that he reigns.
Zion is calling me to a higher place of praise. (repeat) (Stephen Hurd – Composer)

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