The Year to Live Fearless!

My motto for a very long time was Do it Afraid!’  It needed to be because I was always scared. Yes, I learned to work through the fear, but it usually meant losing lots of time working up the courage and overcoming analysis paralysis.

In 2023, as I was faced with making some tough personal and professional decisions, the instruction from the Lord, was Do not Be Afraid.

That made me pause as I wondered whether it was possible to live a life without fear, not just choosing to work through the fear.

For 2024 and hence forth, I am on a mission to discover how to Live Fearless.

One of the ways I know to do this, is to go back to the beginning. Focus on the things I am passionate about and feel called to do. This includes writing more fiction which offers hope, teaching classes to empower others and bring more freedom into their lives, and inspiring Caribbean people to overcome their fears and pursue their dreams.

I hope you will join me! 

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