New Year, New Book – YEAH!

For the first time ever that I can remember, I intentionally took time off to NOT right.

For seven months, I chose to only focus on my client’s work and to release myself from the pressure of writing a new book, blog posts, and even posting on my personal social media.

Ordained_for_This_Cover_10.487×8.060_FAW.pdf – 1

It was a relief. Not because I didn’t have anything to say but I was feeling overwhelmed trying to manage it all.

My sabbatical from writing was beautiful. It also built up my anticipation to write the minute daylight broke on 2023.

My First Fruit’s offering to God is this gift to you, Ordained for This!

It is a book many years in the making as it was a bible lesson that God was working through me.

The joke, however, was on me.

I thought when I began to write it, I had it all worked out.

The first draft was clearly my version and the moment I released it and sent it off to my sister to read, the Lord continued to revamp my thinking on the scripture.

Not only was it a mental exercise but He also processed it further with the challenges He presented and rather than walk away with a limp, I chose to surrender and watch God step up for me.

I hope you will download your free copy and read it as often as you need to, to take hold of and believe it.

Be sure to join me for a live chat about the book and how we can all live fulfilled, at peace, provided for and on purpose in the times we live.

About the Book

Ordained for This! guides women to a new understanding of how to see themselves the way God sees us. Through the story of the Widow of Zarephath, Nerissa shows us why we no longer need to be our own hero and how a new awareness of our special place in God’s heart releases us to live fulfilled, protected, provided for and on purpose.

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