Why Don’t You Make More Money?

You cannot grow past where you see yourself!

You receive only what you believe you can have!

Over the years as I’ve coached and worked with #Caribbeanpreneurs I have wondered why with all the knowledge, strategies, techniques, and passion that they have for their goals they don’t execute, or they quit.

I had to look at me. What was I teaching but also who was I being? I was out of alignment with my own beliefs. They were not adding up to continued growth or building a legacy.

This led me to the study of the Widow of Zarephath in the bible. My new book Ordained for This! uses her story to discuss why we are living below our capacity and what we can do to make the shift.

There is much more to the story than could fit in the 50-page book and I want to share my thoughts on this.

I simply want to help you shift so you can position yourself for more.

The links to download the book is here —-> linktr.ee/trulynerissa

Watch my study of Ordained for This!

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