Starting Over

My life has often seemed like a series of stops and starts.

Growing up, my sisters and I moved around the Caribbean with my parents who are ministers of the gospel. While it’s a wonderful way to see the world, it isn’t great for forming deep and lasting relationships.

I’ve got Facebook to thank for reconnecting me with many of my childhood friends and other people who lived on the periphery of my life but somehow made an impact.

This is my first blog post on a rebuilt site.

In the old days, I did my own sites. Now, I am super proud that my son, Joshua, handles the job easier than I ever did. You can check out his work at

Never mind, I’ve had the domain for years. Last year it suffered an irrevocable crash and although I was able to restore the articles, all the images were missing. I could go searching for them on a hard drive but wondered if it was time for a do over. A new script. A new conversation.

If you’ve known me for some time, then the conversation may not feel new but the Nerissa who first came online and didn’t know much about business or life but sort to share what she was learning in the process.

For work-related posts, visit or or Yes, we’ve grown quite a bit since first getting online in 2000.

Here at I will do my best to keep it simple. We’ll talk about books I’ve written, those in the process of writing and other creative projects in the works. On the other sites you will find content relevant to business strategy, becoming more visible and what’s happening in the Caribbean.

Knowing myself as well as I do, there will be times you will see a post or two inviting you to work-related events, such as the live classes I plan to launch soon.

No matter what, I hope your 2023 is off to a restful start and that you know beyond any doubt that God orders your steps.

Love, Nerissa.

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