#SundaySermon – Today’s Strength

More times than I care to admit even to myself, I have talked myself out of opportunities.

My mind finds every conceivable obstacle hidden in the opportunity and sends the signals that this is not a good idea. Failure seems inevitable, so don’t take it on.

You only need and have access to the strength for today.It doesn’t take much to set my mind racing on all the negatives and the only way to stop it is to interrupt myself by opening my mouth and declaring the positive.

A few days ago, as I was out for a walk, my mind raced ahead to the return. Montserrat is a series of inclines. If you go down at some point, you’ve got to go back up. The deception is that not every hill seems obvious…it’s the slight inclines that really get you.

I was dreading walking home, and I chose to quiet my mind to think about how great I was going to feel at the end. Of course, my mind then told me that I’d have to do it again another day and then repeatedly. I began to feel defeated because life always interrupts the best plans, and the week ahead was going to be packed at all ends.

I began to pray in tongues, which I do whenever I need to stop my mind from racing, and it helps to reduce feelings of anxiety. Immediately I heard the words “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. Blessings all mine with ten thousand beside.”

I began to sing the lyrics from the famous hymn Great is thy Faithfulness.

As I hummed the song, I heard in my spirit, you only have what you need for today.

Immediately, I felt a burden lift. I didn’t need to worry about whether I could walk tomorrow. I only needed to focus on the moment I was in.

What was amazing, that once I stopped focusing on whether I would make the cut for the next day, I also released even the worry that I was going to collapse before I finished my current walk. The entire thing was happening in my brain. My body was moving, and I felt great. The walk ended and I felt I could have gone on further, except for the darkness encroaching.

Today, God provides what you need for the moment you are in. He will provide what you need for tomorrow when it arrives.

Ask God to give you today, your daily bread – food, finances, strength, love, wisdom, and the will.

He has more than enough for your daily needs.

Live Fearless!


Feeling anxious?

God has given His children a gift. The gift of speaking and praying in tongues is a weapon to break the power of anxiety.

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