#SundaySermon – As Big as You Make Him

How big is God? How big and wide His vast domain.
To try to tell, these lips can only start.
He’s big enough to rule His mighty universe.
Yet small enough to live within my heart! – Ray Price

God is as big as you believe He is.If you’ve ever overheard little children talk about their dads or even their moms when they believe no adult is listening, you get an earful of how superhuman they make their parents.

They’ve got complete faith in our ability to leap tall buildings and make the impossible possible. That belief doesn’t really go away as they grow until life happens and shakes what they thought was unshakeable.

When we are shaken it feels like we must start over. Creating new beliefs that fit the new knowledge of humans who make mistakes, plans that don’t work out the way we want and a God who is often late or doesn’t answer the prayers we have.

Our language changes to If God wills, We hope, and Maybe.

We lose the confidence and belief that what we desire is possible. We stop believing that God wants us to be blessed.

Our new cautious language which leaves room for disappointment becomes a self-fulfilling reality. Suddenly, we see manifested in our life, all that we’ve been saying. Now we have gifted ourselves a life filled with things that do not work out and more opportunities to say It must not have been God’s will.

God gets the blame. He is all powerful, and so it is He who did not want us to have that good thing happen for us.

The word tells us in Psalm 84:11 (KJV) – “For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

You must believe without doubting and leave no room for any other result than God wants the best for you, and He does give us the desires of our hearts. He gave us the power to choose what we receive in life.

I know it is easiest to put the blame on others and on God. But we must take ownership of our part in living a life of purpose and blessing. We get to make God as big as we desire for Him to be in our life. He will not force us to be blessed. He does not force us to accept the good He has for us. We can choose to believe contrary to His love and will.

I want God to be big and powerful, merciful and kind, loving and generous in my life and in yours.

I want to Live Fearless, expecting only good and the absolute best.

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