Keep Stepping Forward – Live Fearless!

Life will keep LifIng!

I’ve never been to a boxing match but from what I’ve seen on TV, the boxers who want to win know they’ve got to step forward!

Their opponent would love it if they would step back, end up in a corner or on the ropes so they could really give it to them.

But, Nah!

Gloves up. They shake off the punch, grit their teeth at the pain in their bruised ribs and go at their opponent blow for blow. Eventually, they find a new rhythm and stay on their opponent until they hit the floor or surrender.

That’s what you need to do now.

You started the year with big plans, targets, financial goals.

Life took you to the ropes and you are in the corner praying for the bell to ring.

No. We’re not doing that this year!

Step forward. Gloves up. Hit ’em with your best left hook.

Website not ready? Post more often on your socials.

Potential clients changed their mind about working with you? Evaluate your offer. 10x how many people you pitch to.

Bills overdue? Make new arrangements for payments. Look at what service or product you have which can become an immediate source of cash.

Feeling overwhelmed? Spend sometime creating an even bigger vision for yourself. One that will be impossible for you to do alone and without becoming a new person. A warrior. A Fight to the End Survivor.

Life is gonna keep LifING!

Live Fearless!

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