Ordained for This!

Ordained for This! guides women to a new understanding of how to see themselves the way God sees us. Through the story of the Widow of Zarephath, Nerissa shows us why we no longer need to be our own hero and how a new awareness of our special place in God’s heart releases us to live fulfilled, protected, provided for and on purpose.

Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last – https://amzn.to/3jqSlNZ
When 19-year-old Kyle finds himself jobless after college, he embarks on a journey into entrepreneurship. Guided by his Uncle Ned, who challenges him to go beyond selling roadside food, Kyle must overcome his fears, think big, and outclass the competition in a pandemic. Over the course of five years, he discovers how a small idea can have global impact.

Through the compelling story of Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last, Golden offers a road map for taking a second look at culture and practices that are often taken for granted. This book provides tools for rethinking small ideas and reveals how intentional and innovative actions are the secret to long-term success. Parents will discover concepts to discuss with their children and it gives insights for every reader to remember there is still time to build a business that can last for generations.

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