Focus, An Essential Ingredient to Thrive

A friend posted on her status yesterday, “multi-tasking is such a scam”, and she’s right.

It is a terrible hoax that someone created maybe inadvertently to make us believe we could get more out of our day if we did multiple things at one time.

Except, it doesn’t work. Ask an overwhelmed mother.

We aren’t multi-tasking. We are really switching between multiple activities very quickly and it takes time for our brain to focus every time we ask it to switch between tasks.

Imagine your brain like the tabs open in your browser. My laptop has been known to say I cannot work like this and pause because it can’t manage the number of tabs open. Of course, rather than closing the tabs my first reaction is I need a laptop with more virtual memory. It shouldn’t stutter when I want to switch between windows.

But it isn’t productive, and no amount of virtual memory is going to improve my effectiveness.

A major roadblock for many high achieving women is making the leap to close those additional tabs. To refine their work processes, evaluate clients and products and make a decision to cut what is no longer serving the growth of the business.

You know it is time for this when you begin to feel resentful of what once brought you joy. It isn’t easy to admit that you are no longer having fun and the business that pays you is also slowly killing you.

It’s time to focus. It’s time to close the tabs or for some, move them to a new window all together.

By this I mean it may be time to hire help.

We want to believe that we can handle it all as we’ve been doing so for years. But we don’t grow alone, and you can’t thrive in places where you are not happy and joyful about your work.

Where are you in your thrive journey?

Do you need to close the tabs and remove the products and services that are no longer a fit for where the business needs to go?

Do you need to hire more people so you can focus on the strategic plays that are needed?

It’s time to decide.

You won’t grow without focus.

I would love to serve you in your journey to Thrive.

Spaces are now open on Wednesdays in December and January for a 60-minute session with me.

Slots are open for 10AM and 1PM AST. Book your Thrive Coaching session here

How it Works!

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  • Once reviewed, you will receive an email with any clarifying questions or guidance to prepare for our Thrive session.

See you on the call!

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