Noone Will Pay You That Here

No one will pay you that here!

I will never forget an opportunity that came my way when I’d moved to St. Kitts and was setting up my media business.

I’d been invited to set up a non-profit organisation and when I submitted my proposal for my monthly salary, the response I got back was “No one will pay you that here!”

This was over 20 years ago, and I don’t remember the exact figure, but I am sure it was not over $5000 EC monthly. I dare say it may even have been 3K.

I believed the man, rather than stand in my value and the awareness that what they were asking of me was well within my capabilities. In other environments my salary expectation would have been met with a raised eyebrow and accepted quickly or rejected because I was charging too low.

Our money mindset is shaped early in life and depending on your household, feast or famine was the norm.

Women often normalise this in their business as well.

They take that memory of the rejected offers as a sign of their own value.

Author and Real Estate Developer Carol Sankar says, “You are worth much more than Free!”

You Are.

You are worth much more than constantly low barring your work based on what you think the customer will pay.

This issue isn’t location dependent. There are women in small islands who undercharge and women in big islands and large countries who undercharge.

It is not the location or the economy.

Living in Montserrat, population circa 4000, I see this all the time. It comes down to your understanding of the value you deliver for the client and the value you have for yourself.

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