Your Digital Marketing Content Can’t Improve If You Don’t Start

It’s been a minute since I taught an in-person session. I love the energy of sharing what I know and the tension of strategizing with #Caribbeanpreneurs about their business.

Thanks to the Trade & Investment Division and the Caribbean Development Bank for providing the support to enable 20 local businesses to receive training in Digital Marketing.

I gave them a challenge and offer that I hope all of them take me up on. I will share more about that in another post.

The technology may change but know this:
– Be clear on the problem your business solves
– Identify who has the problem and the money to alleviate their pain
– Commit to teaching what you know and sharing why you love what you do in as many formats and as often as possible.
– Your first video, your first image, offer will feel awkward but post anyway. You will only break through the barrier of your insecurities by promoting your business.

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Live Fearless!

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