Black woman negotiating a business deal with a black man and white woman

Negotiate Your Next Business Deal

I have a few friends who call me their manager. My kids even do it when I want them to use one of their skills and I don’t want to pay them. LOL. They have become comfortable with the practice of negotiating any request I make of them that is related to my business. “I need to speak to my

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The Sweetest Mango billboard in Antigua

Is There a Caribbean Film Industry? The Sweetest Mango Turns 20

In early 2001, Hollywood was preparing to release the first installments in The Fast and the Furious, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings franchises. Denzel Washington was about to play a dirty cop in Training Day, a role for which he would win an Academy Award and a husband-and-wife team in Antigua & Barbuda were about to premiere The

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