#SundaySermon – What Do You Want?

“Jesus on the main line tell Him what you want!”

If you grew up in a tiny black church, then you heard that chorus sung in a Sunday night evangelistic service.

Let me just pause and say I laugh at myself every time I create one of these posts, especially if it speaks about praying. I am not a prayer. At least that is what I always believed and used to say. I left praying for the experts. Those women who love midnight prayer meetings and spending hours in travail. But here we are. LOL

Back to scheduled programming …. Asking for what we want sounds selfish doesn’t it? As if Jesus is our personal ATM or vending machine and once, we make a request out pops what we asked for.

You may still be hearing echoes of a parent asking you if money grew on trees or if they looked like your ATM? And so, we approach God with this same mentality. He’s going to tell us our request is unreasonable, we came last week, and we are back again. We believe just like that ATM slip sometimes comes back with a negative balance, then certainly our requests will be rejected.

Yet, there are no instances in the bible of Jesus, saying No I won’t heal you. No, you can’t have that. His response was always I am willing.
The reason you may not be seeing answers to your requests is because we often make requests for things that are already a given in God’s eyes.

Don’t waste air asking God to please help you pay your rent or buy food. Why? Because Jesus told us in Matthew 6: 32 “…for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. (KJV)

Q. What then do you ask for?
A. Make a bold request. Something that pulls on the power of Heaven to manifest in the Earth.

Nerissa, I just need my bills paid!

I hear you. However, begin to operate from a place of those bills being paid for in God’s books they have already been. Shifting your mindset to seeing your daily provision as met, even while you wait to see manifestation changes what you will see and what you will do.

You will make more strategic decisions from a place of confidence than from a position of desperation.

If your needs are met, what then do you want to do with your words? Ask God for a new vision for your future.
What do you want me to ask for, Lord? What can I use my prayers to manifest in the earth, not just for myself but for my family, my business, my nation, the world?

Pray, Believe, Get Ready to Receive the answers.

Have an awesome week!

Live Fearless!

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