Your Purpose Will Find You

Years ago I taught a course called Life on Purpose. The gist of it being that life comes more into focus when you are clear about your purpose. I was on a campaign to help the world find the purpose for their life and in doing that I would surely be fulfilling mine.

Entire coaching careers, books, conferences and seminars are built around this same goal. I know I always felt useless when I didn’t know what my purpose was.

There is always this overwhelming pressure to find purpose to make everything we do mean something grander. It is a painful way to go through life.

In my early twenties, following university, I believed I was clear on my purpose and its big grand goal but life kept getting in the way. This would make me very depressed because obviously nothing I was doing fit this big bodacious purpose. I was miserable every day. I did not enjoy my life.

Life changed when I said a simple pray “Lord help me enjoy my life and what is in it now.”

I gave myself permission to be in the moment and to enjoy whatever it brought. That meant a baby and more babies but I loved every well most of the moments. I had to retrain my brain. I was always daydreaming and being in the moment meant living in the present. How exciting could lots of diaper changes, midnight potty training trips to the bathroom and years of “mommy why” be?

It wasn’t easy but I wanted to live my life, not perpetually hoping and dreaming of some future happiness which was sure to come when I got back in alignment with my purpose. I made my purpose whatever was on my plate for the day.

For many years and still today, its about my children. How can I be there for them as much as possible so they feel supported and loved? What decisions do I make in my life and with each job I do that contributes to their happiness and making the world better for them?

In the early years, this was my motivation for writing. I wanted to put into books things I was discovering about life. It also fueled my children’s book as life was swiftly changing and I wanted these millennials in my house to have a memory of childhood in the Caribbean. That book Island Days: A Poetic Collection of Growing Up in the Caribbean has been one of my most popular books.

Seven books and thousands of blog posts and articles later, I feel fully in my purpose. Does this mean I don’t have aspirations to do other things? Certainly not. I’ve got a new longer list. However, I enjoy my life as it is now to the fullest. In that space I can attract more of the moments which align with purpose.

Your life may be shifting and you are unsure of what to do with all the knowledge in your head and with your dreams. Is it time to pivot? To say help me live in this moment and enjoy my life now? Is it time to reevaluate how you’ve been approaching your life and purpose?

You can still get what you want but it may come a different route. It isn’t less valuable or purposeful because you didn’t stick to the plan. This is one of the things blogging allowed me to do. I could continue to write and share what I was learning without leaving my home. I was making amazing connections and planning events which kept me close to home and still available to my children.

Whether it’s an approaching career shift, health issues or financial troubles, blogging is an affordable way to build your reputation as a thought-leader. You can add value to global conversations without leaving home. You can help a company on the other side of the world or the island you can see from your window without getting on a plane. The world needs your knowledge and their are people and companies who need the solution you have discovered. It’s time.

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You can find your purpose right where you are. Stay in the moment.
Nerissa is a media strategist and communications expert, who teaches her clients how to leverage traditional and digital media to increase their visibility and make more money. She is a certified Business Continuity Specialist and the author of seven books, including the Making of a Caribbeanpreneur: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.