Your Emotions are a Gift

30-emotionsWe’re almost at the end of our seven days of inspiration from 30-Day Guide to Living Happy. If you missed the previous days you can start with Day 1 here or Day 5 here.

So much conflicting information on the role our emotions should play in our lives. Do you keep emotions out of business? Is it okay to cry on the job? How about when someone says you don’t need to get so worked up about it?

Yes you have ever right to feel the way you do. Take ownership of your emotions and the ways in which you express them.

Feeling bad about a situation when others think you shouldn’t is your right. While you should not allow negative emotions to drive you to do harm to yourself or others, it is important for you to acknowledge that you feel anger, hatred, or sadness.

Think of your emotions as stop lights. They are God’s gift to alert us to what is happening inside and around us.

Just as a yellow caution light tells us to look out and be more aware, feeling nervous or fearful can be used the same way. It is not always a NO but rather WATCH OUT! Feeling nervous or fearful is the time to check and recheck your surroundings. If you were on the road, you would look around to see if there was oncoming traffic or trouble ahead. In business or in your life it is time to pay a bit more attention to details. Don’t brush off an upset tummy or racing heart. They are giving you information so you can make a better or different decision.

At a red light you must stop. We’ve learned to discount the myriad of signals our body sends out to tell us something isn’t right. The person you are about to marry or do business with mean you harm. But often we brush it off as being irrational or silly. If you don’t feel clear confidence about a decision you shouldn’t move ahead with it.

It has taken me quite a long time to give myself permission to say No. There have been times even when I felt as if God was directing me to do something but I didn’t have a clear feeling of peace that it was the best decision. You re allowed to say “God I feel as if you are leading me to do start a business but I don’t have the full assurance that it is the right time or that I can handle it. Please allow me time to reach that place.” God is not a bully. He wants you to obey willingly and with joy.

Inspired actions to accompany today’s post are available on page 24 of 30-Day Guide to Living Happy.