Writing Soundtrack for In Plain Sight

I discovered about 10 years ago that country music is the perfect soundtrack to write to. Yes there are times when I want total silence, at other times I need some music in the background.
Don’t ask me why country does the trick but I won’t stop the flow to figure out the reason. It could be the combination of deep bass mourning¬†lost love or silky smooth tenors crooning songs of falling in love. Whatever it is, I am thankful. The only song on this list that is not country is Beautiful my Mali Music. Ask me why I am only now hearing this. I definitely broke the repeat button on that one.
Two more 2017 discoveries that I am in love with are Kane Brown and Brett Young. Kane has a sound in the vein of Randy Travis and Alan Jackson but at 24 years he’s made it his own. Brett is yummy and has some great tracks.

In Plain Sight is out now. Just a few more things I am not 100% ready to let go on yet. Thanks for letting me know that you are excited about getting your hands on it. I think I’m more nervous about this one than I was for Love’s Sweet Joy.

Here’s a playlist to read to or you can enjoy them individually below.

Share what music you love to work to.