Write So Your Joy is Full

What’s the dream?

To be a best selling author? To turn your books into a movie franchise?

What’s the dream that is stirring the desire to write?

I have found if my motivation is for anything other than my own pleasure it is often difficult to sustain the discipline of writing. I write for me first. Even when it is work for a client I strive to write something that I personally would be interested in knowing about the product, event or service. That means I am picky about who I write for as I want my words to feel as authentic and as energetic as they need to be to engage the reader.

1 John 1:4 speaks of the author writing in order to make the reader feel joyful. I like to flip that and say I write first that my joy can be full. There is a peace that comes from writing that I don’t get anywhere else. You can’t buy that feeling. It comes from loving what you do.

If your desire is to have a long career in writing then seek to find your inner motivation. It will keep you going even when your manuscripts are rejected and that best sellers list is elusive.

Find your joy.

Nerissa is a six-time author now exploring the romance fiction genre. Watch out for her writing coach offer coming soon. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter