A colleague recently expressed concern that she did not feel worthy to write the book she had inside of her. I was somewhat surprised to hear her say this and at the same time I wasn’t.

I knew the feeling well. I am very familiar with that conversation. It comes out sounding like a favorite song you can sing by heart.

Who are you to think you have something to say?

Why say that when so many others who have influence have said it already?

Who is going to buy your book anyway?

You probably won’t even be able to give it away.

But you are exactly who is needed right now. Your words in the way you will say them are what is valuable in this time and space. There are people who will read your book and it will be the catalyst to bring the change they need. For others your book will make them laugh and remind them that they are alive and can’t always take themselves too seriously.

We let our fears talk us out of the dream but you are worthy to receive it.

There is nothing more amazing than holding the printed version of a book you birthed. You won’t feel that amazing if you never complete the manuscript. Go ahead and write it.

Nerissa is a six-time author now exploring the romance fiction genre. Watch out for her writing coach offer coming soon. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter