Working ON the Business

There is a difference between working IN your business and ON your business.Work-On-the-Business

IN the business means delivering the solutions you provide to your customers. After all no clients then no income.

However, without time set aside to work ON the business you won’t get further than the proverbial hamster wheel and you may find yourself surprisingly broke.

Working ON the business includes billing clients, collecting payments, restocking supplies, working on your marketing and publicity, and strategising for expansion.

If the two worlds are colliding then it’s time to get help.

Not a numbers person then hire a bookkeeper to help you with managing your accounts and ensuring that your checks aren’t going to bounce. You will also need your financials to report taxes annually and if you ever need to apply for a business loan.

Do the same if you need support with your marketing. While your clients should be your biggest promoters it is important that you have a way of sharing their positive feedback with other potential clients. Does your website include testimonials from happy clients? Are you sharing photos and releasing articles on what your company is doing? Get support with this if you are unable to handle these tasks by yourself.

Even if funds are limited it is important to find a way to do the things that your business needs to grow.

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