Women in Business Globally is the Focus of a New Book to Launch this November

One of my dearest friends in the entrepreneurial thought leadership space, Dr. Anita Davis-Defoe reached out to me a few months ago to tell me about a new project to feature women in business that she was recommending me for.
She wanted to introduce me to the woman who in recent years has been taking African American business women to other countries to network. I’d seen Docs photos from Dubai and a few other nations and I wasn’t about to say no to a chance to connect with someone who was supporting black women to grow their ventures.
Nevertheless, here I am today and my story is one of 14 in a new book coming in November called Women Going Global.
The author Tonya Mcneal-Weary impressed me the moment the call began. Her probing questions during the interview process took me down some paths into my story which I had not visited in a while.
Grateful that I got to do that. If only to remind myself that I have come a mighty long way and still pressing.
The project is called Women Going Global: Real-Life Stories of Women Entrepreneurs Doing Business Across Borders.

images of women
Now available for pre-order at www.womengoingglobalbook.com

Book blurb – Women Going Global takes you on an entrepreneurial journey to the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Romania, Nigeria, Jamaica, Morocco, USA, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Montserrat, Cameroon, Pakistan and India as trailblazing women share how they tackled challenges head-on through stories of resilience, courage and determination!

Learn how these women overcame neglect, abuse, discrimination, cultural bias and societal pressures and became successful entrepreneurs who are making a global impact in the lives of women around the world.

The book is available for pre-order here https://bit.ly/2S8KAuW