Women and Girls Do Tech

Learning basic coding and how to manipulate templates and knack with words has saved my life and fed my family on more than one occasion.

There are many who are much better at it and I surrender to them when I need to but understanding the power under my fingertips is a wonderful thing.

I got into website building to solve my own challenge of needing to communicate to more people than was in my network. Back in 2000, there were so many free web solutions and templates that you only needed to plug and play. There are so many more now but like many others, once I discovered WordPress I stopped looking.

The power of the internet and what developers and novices around the world create each day are spaces which say you have the right to know and the right to find out what you don’t know. Open Source is a God send. All of this free learning we now have access to, means anything you need to learn you can. Do you need to see it in action? YouTube videos show you step by step. Prefer to listen, head to SoundCloud. Maybe you don’t see anything on the market that works for you. Guess what? You can create it.

That’s the power of technology and the solutions which evolve daily. We are creating and co-creating. We take something basic and make it extraordinary. The tech world has made billionaires and the jobs of the future are in this industry.

Women are least likely to enter the technology field but don’t let your perceived limitations of access, lack of knowledge of coding, or hatred of Math and Physics stop you. Do you have a burning desire to fix a problem you see in your community? Something that peeves you every time you hear people speak about it? Ask how can I be part of the solution.

Technology is about solving problems that you or other people have. It could be you are passionate about community work and need a way for people to learn about the issue, a website, social media platform can do that. Do you need to raise money for a cause? Start a business but lack space and resources? How could a web presence or virtual solution allow you to make money despite the limitations?

Many of the things I now do start with a question and then I head to Google.com and ask it. More often than not, someone somewhere in the world has asked and received answers to the same question. When those answers cannot be found online, then I see a space for me to be part of the answer. But you don’t know? Test it. See what works and then share even your failures.