Winging It: The Caribbeanpreneurs Strategy

Caribbeanpreneurs are so good at winging it. I am purposely picking on us although I know people make the same mistakes globally. We love the energy from flying by the seat of our pants. How else are we going to celebrate over drinks or chat up our friends about our struggle if we are coasting through life with a plan?

Monique Sinclair, the heroine in my latest novel Love’s Sweet Joy has spent years in marketing in the UK but returns to Montserrat and is winging it. Every lesson she learned working for others seemed to have been chucked at the coastline once she hits the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. Life is throwing both personal and work stuff at her and she just puts her head down and deals with the fire that needs to be put out at the moment, never noticing that a bigger battle is heading straight for her.

Caribbeanpreneurs do that often. In fact, it is how most of us spend our entire business life. Outing fires, scraping money together to pay off a debt or pay employees. Head down in the trench we don’t see we are leaving our backs exposed to unsuspecting events and attacks. We are also winging it alone and so no one is on our six to tell us “look out”.

But rules from the world of business do apply here. You need a plan and one with more details than keep the lights on today. You have got to look up and position your business for a lifetime of success. Your business can’t just be about paying today’s bills. The world we now live in is requiring that we also ask ourselves how can we serve others?

What is the long term vision for the business? How will you grow without adding employees or taking on projects which require collaboration? What is the plan to bring in steady income rather than the mad dash you engage in every few weeks?

In the book, Monique runs a pastry shop but is not yet earning an income. Her current mode of operation means she takes money daily from the till to put gas in her car and pick up supplies. Does that sound familiar? Thankfully, her books come under scrutiny in a business mastermind with her friends and fellow entrepreneurs. Together they uncover how her spending habits and poor business strategy of buying retail rather than wholesale was hurting her bottom line. It may seem a simple thing to some but changing the way your money story is set up will dramatically change how your business runs and also gives you a moment to breathe and see that all is not lost.

Who is helping you look over your business strategy? Look up long enough to notice that unless you make a radical shift in how you are working, your business won’t be able to thrive.

Nerissa Golden writes on entrepreneurship, leveraging technology and media to change lives and communities. She is a six-time author, now fusing business strategy with romance in novels. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter