Why You Should Use the LinkedIn Blogging Feature

Are you a consultant looking for contracts or a business owner seeking new clients? Where do you look for them and how will they find you?
LinkedIn continues to grow in importance in an age when it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the real from the fake. Potential clients or employers will search to see what is in the digital space about you. What have you said and what are people saying about you? It is important that people can see more than your CV or a few photos.
If you are looking for ways to introduce people to your expertise then consider posting articles on LinkedIn. Yes it is easy to reshare a great article from Forbes or your favorite platform but for clients wanting to hire you they need to be familiar with your work and your voice.
Your articles do not need to be 1000-word think pieces. Start with some Why articles or 7 Tips for… As your confidence grows and your voice becomes stronger, it will become a bit easier to write longer form articles. In every case, the goal must be to share valuable information that can educate and empower the reader.
Give people a reason to click that Follow button.

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