Why Guide to Good Love is No Longer For Sale

I took Truly Caribbean’s Woman’s Guide to Good Love off the sales list back in 2016 although you will see it on offer on Amazon. I am not allowed to remove it completely. I keep meaning to update it but haven’t.

Why did I do that?

It reflects a time in my life which was a significant period of pain but much growth. However, in my growing I was not very compassionate to myself and to others. I believe the book reflects that lack of compassion for my own journey and does not reflect the grace which God bestowed upon me.

While the book is biblically sound it presents a very hard and fast “do it this way” version of my story and showed how afraid I still was to get it wrong. It would be easy to leave it and say well that was what I thought THEN but it remains a book that could push men and women away from the love I want them to receive.

So it is off the market until such time as I can write a version of the story which truly encompasses the truth of God’s word with a healthy sprinkling of the grace with which he allows us all to live so we can come into relationship with Him.

I apologise to anyone who may have purchased the book and ended up feeling more pain than love, it was not my intention.