Who Do You Need to Become to Have What You Desire Most?

Who do you need to become to achieve the goals you have set for your life and your business?

I’m struggling with this question today. Let’s blame it on 2020 and say that this year is demanding we all step up and into the life we’ve been saying and dreaming about. It’s asking why are you waiting? Why won’t you make the move? Why are you holding on to this when I have so much more for you?

It can be hard to see the more when we see so much loss and heartache. However, the more is there and it is not only for other people to have. It is there for you as well.

Why won’t you believe it? I’m asking myself this too. I am tired of believing more for others than I do for myself. But how about this, I will keep declaring that there is more than enough for you and I to have and you believe that for yourself and me as well.

So who do you need to become to have what you desire most? We’re all going to fight the imposter syndrome, the fear, the not knowing exactly how to get it done. Let’s step fully into being awkwardly uncomfortable and get what is ours to have.

Believing for you?
Love Nerissa