What Are You Overlooking? #ShowUpShowOff

Late last year I shared with you about losing quite a few mango and coconut trees in my yard and the new view it opened up once I could get past the loss of what had always been there.

Yesterday as I looked out my kitchen window I noticed a small tree at the furthest corner of the yard. It too had been cut back and as much of it hung over the neighbor’s yard I’d never bothered with it.

I don’t remember my children and I ever counting it in the number of mango trees in the yard. I know for a fact I have never eaten a mango from it. But now she has blossoms and I can see small fruit beginning to appear.

The situation we are in has laid us bare and like my yard, you can now see a lot of what is missing from your life and business. That is what happens when all our best laid plans and dreams seem to go on an indefinite hold. We get to see how narrow or how scattered how focus has been and the things we have been overlooking in the process of having a life and growing a business.

The Julie mango tree is still in my yard but she seems uninterested in producing fruit this year. Yet this little tree, stuck off in the corner is about to get her growing on.

Have you done an audit of your life and your skills? If your main source of income has dried up, what service or product can you offer which can bring in revenue?

I want to help you with this. Join me this Tuesday evening as I share with my colleague and friend Simmone Bowe of The Bahamas on her live webinar for Purposeful Professionals. We will be discussing Beating Fear and Procrastination, Using Social Media to Push Your Dream and Why Now is the Best Time to Start.

It is Tuesday at 8PM on ZOOM. Here’s the link to register and join this free webinar. https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_0Y0y6_3SSWifQoPc6QfwgA