TT Guardian Features Editor on Promoting Your Book

Franka Philip, TT Guardian Features Editor (Bocas Lit Fest Photo)

During the 2017 Bocas Literary Festival in Trinidad, Franka Philip, Features Editor at the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian shared some tips on promoting your book.

  1. Have a media kit. Make it digital so they can easily download images, etc.
  2. Send an audio clip of you or someone reading the book.
  3. Include high resolution photos of the author and book cover. Good quality photos that are well captioned are key. Remember you are a business selling a product, so send them the best version of yourself.
  4. Be willing to connect with Skype, Facebook or another means if unable to come to their office for an interview.
  5. Send link to the book so it can be read. Accessibility is vital.
  6. Build your platform. Who do you follow online and who is following you? “Do you interact with people? If I see your Facebook page and it hasn’t been updated then it makes me ask if you’re serious,” the editor said.
  7. Follow up once you’ve submitted your press kit. Call or follow with polite email.
  8. Know your market.
  9. You need to do TV (news, talk shows, etc.)
  10. Find the radio station that fits your demographic. Which station targets women, young adults, etc.?
  11. Make yourself appealing.
  12. Be persistent. No could mean not right now.
  13. Share your book with book and poetry clubs. Send to literary bloggers who can give reviews.
  14. Have your own media. If the newspaper rejects your book that is not the end of it. Use your website and other social platforms to bring attention to it.
  15. Consider appealing to literary festivals to get on their program.