Today's Power Move: Finish What you Start

PowerMove---I-am-a-FinisherI’ve struggled with completing tasks since as a child. In fact, I’d write and get so bored with what I’d writing I would rush to the end or leave it hanging. This actually hung over my head for a long time and inhibited me from following my dream to be a writer. Now, I’ve written a few books you would think I would confess to mastering it, but truthfully it can sneak up in get me at the oddest times.

Not everything we do in life is something we can do with joy and passion. You may not like doing laundry or cleaning house but it must be done. You’ve got to dig a bit deeper and determine to complete the tasks that will get you to your goal.

Today focus on one task at a time. No multi-tasking. Pick one that you can accomplish in an allotted time.If this means turning off the television, your mobile phone or Facebook, then do it. Once you’re done give yourself a small treat and then set another task that you can do.

Each time you reach the end, you will gain more confidence and be able to apply the same practice to a much bigger task.

Go for it! You’ve got the spirit of a finisher.