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This is the New Normal Caribbean Entrepreneurs

I can’t wait for things to get back to normal.

A recurring mantra everywhere I turn.

This is it! This is normal.

Humans are creatures of habit but we are also amazing adapters. Twenty years ago, we did not know our phones were going to become our office, our entertainment and our doctor’s assistant. Now this is normal. Who would want to go back to a time when we couldn’t reach out and with one button connect with a loved one far away or even in the next room?

You’ve got your life in a holding pattern, waiting for the ship to right itself before you make a decision or move in the direction of your dreams. Are you even dreaming or have you got your head under the covers waiting for the storm to end?

This is it! This is normal.

How are you going to thrive in this new normal?

Are you seeing opportunities in the midst of the chaos? Even if it means shifting in a completely different direction, you must make a move.

Don’t make a habit of quitting! A phrase I heard a few weeks ago that hit hard. If you are in the middle of doing a degree and you wonder if it will be of any use in a year, don’t quit. Finish it. The sense of completion is a win in itself. Yes, we will still be looking for people with degrees and certifications when this is all over.

Resources disappeared? What can you do with what you have access to? Necessity is the mother of invention. Create something new with what is available to you. Is this the time to ask for help and bring in a partner? Can we go further together? Absolutely.

If you could never open a physical store again how would you serve the people who depend on you? If your favorite social media platform disappeared what would happen to sales and your audience? Are you paying attention to the news? I don’t mean the stories that generate fear but so that you can be informed of trends and opportunities in your sector or another you see a gap in.

Pay attention. Listen more. Plan. Take action.

This is the New Normal!