This Ad has me thinking about the power of words and images

The slogan I’ve used for goldenmedia for many years has been words…images…life.
Today I came across this ad in my Facebook news feed for a South African scotch called Bells. Never heard of it before and I don’t even drink scotch but the ad had me and a few friends teary eyed.
Its not a hard sell ad at all but you get the message and leaves you with a feel good spirit about this company and their product.
In other words, it worked.
It also served as an important reminder to not underestimate or take for granted the power of the right images, words and music to impact and bring about an intended result. We have to remember to be intentional. Only then can we expect to receive what we are after.
The summary on the ad says: “The new Bell’s TV commercial features a father whose intrepid spirit demonstrates just what it takes to be a true Man of Character.”
“Give that man a Bells” is the tag line. I was very happy to find the Behind the Scenes version of the ad. The commercial plays comes at the end of the BTS.
I won’t give it away the storyline.