Do you realize you can train your thoughts?

30-thinkpurelyIf you are like me with a wild imagination, what happens in your head can feel like a runaway train. You start with a seed of an idea and it turns into a dramatic cinematic feature with death and mayhem all around.

We can do that with the things that concern us. We make mountains out of every circumstance and our mind seems unable to be reigned in and able to find a positive thought. I often confuse my negative musings, with problem solving.

However, I’ve got good news. It is possible to retrain your mind to think good things. To have what Paul called pure thoughts.

Make it a daily decision to think pure things. In your mind imagine and then with your mouth declare that good things will happen to you today. You will sell more of your products. Your body will cooperate with you. Your child will succeed in school.

Don’t allow your mind to do its own thing. This takes practice but you will can do it.

Have you ever noticed that when you begin to have these worrisome thoughts how your stomach clenches, and/or your shoulders get tense? Begin to pay attention to what happens in your body when you let your mind wonder down the worry road. As you become aware of what is going on inside of you, it will become easier for you to spot when it is happening. Make a plan to change your position by standing up or stretching, take deep breaths, speak out loud something positive. Allow yourself to hear you declare the opposite of those negative thoughts. Speak into the atmosphere the good you desire to see.

You will retrain your thoughts by opening your mouth with good, faith-filled words. If you can’t seem to utter them, then write them down. Draw pictures. Cut and paste positive images. Do what ever is necessary to shift your thinking out of that worry mode.

The more you do this, as silly as you may feel, the easier it will become to stop your mind from taking its own journey down a troubled path.

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Much love and Blessings.