The Simple Things: Laugh

For the next seven days I want to share a few excerpts from 30-Day Guide to Living Happy to help you get your year started right.

Today we start with The Simple Things: Laugh.

30-TST-LaughI thought I was a pretty happy person but I have to confess that over the past few years I’d become so focused on survival and making life for my children that I’d become a bit too serious, always tense, very stressed and certainly laughter was not a part of my norm.

That would surprise most people as I’m known for usually wearing a smile. However, there were more reasons to frown it seemed than to smile.

But I am thankful that in the past year, God has given me many reasons to laugh. Most often the source of the laughter has been my children. I would have missed some of those moments except I made the conscious choice to stop and engage with them and laugh with them and at them some times.

It did not mean I had no troubles. Many of the issues that were present before were still there but I had made a decision to let them go. It meant logging off the social media and getting out of the house. Not to cover an event or to be with a client but just to connect with the beauty of my surroundings. I intend to do more of this going forward.

This year make a conscious choice to laugh. Laugh at yourself, at a situation, with your friends and loved ones. Just laugh. Allow yourself to let go of all of the serious issues and find the joy in the simple things of getting up and being alive. Some days that is all you need.

You can find the inspired action to go with this on page 16 of 30-Day Guide to Living Happy. Get the Daily Inspired Actions Workbook here FREE so you can keep track of the changes you make. Writing it down helps to solidify it in your spirit and heart that you will do this.
I am rooting for you. Enjoy the simple things. Be Blessed.