How can the most visible entrepreneurs win?

The Most Visible Entrepreneurs Win, Here’s How

One of the lessons I see played out every day is that the most visible entrepreneurs win.

I don’t mean the ones who are all over social media. Yes, that helps a lot. But the ones who are committed to showing up and delivering excellent service consistently. The winners are the ones who learn that if their customers can count on them, then they can count on their customers to continue supporting them.

No doubt about it, social media is an important element of increasing your visibility in order to grow your influence and brand. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to see the full picture, the other elements of clarity of purpose, quality service, consistency, and systems for problem resolution must be in place.

These missing ingredients are why entrepreneurs often struggle with being more visible online.

They suffer often from shiny object syndrome, jumping on every platform but are unable to maintain the momentum over time.

The Most Visible Entrepreneurs Win with Clarity of Purpose and Intentionality

Currently, in my Be Visible Challenge we are speaking about purpose and knowing our why. This really is the foundation of it all. When we don’t know why we are in business, why we do what we do, where we want to end up, then we are ‘spinning top in mud’ as the older folks say.

For many Caribbean people, they saw an opportunity to feed their family or take care of a bill and they dived in. I tell my clients, pay off the bill, but it doesn’t need to become a business. Leave it as a side hustle if you have no intention to grow it and use it to make an impact for your family or community long term.

Understanding why you are investing the time and money to build a business is critical. Do you want to leave it as a legacy for your children? Do you want to employ others and help put back resources into your community? What is driving your vision for the business?

Knowing this will give you the information to tell your story effectively to your staff and to your customers.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, says Simon Sinek.

Why are you doing this business?

The Most Visible Entrepreneurs Win with Exceptional Service

I don’t know anyone who will take subpar over exceptional. We all love to be treated well and we love when people go the extra mile for us. The service you deliver to your clients should always feel as if you went the extra mile. Going all out for your customers will encourage them to be your fiercest ambassadors and champions. Positive reviews and testimonials are gold for becoming more visible in your area of expertise.

Being exceptional requires focus. That means you won’t do everything well but if you focus on your niche or zone of genius, then you can deliver the exceptional service that your customers deserve every day.

Win with Consistency

Consistency has been the piece of the puzzle I struggled with the most. When I finally discovered why it changed the trajectory of my business and I was able to improve this. I had to get clear on my why and where I wanted to end up before I could commit to showing up for my clients.

I also had to adopt the same level of commitment that I gave to other areas of my life to my business. If it was possible for me to be consistent with showing up for my children, my friends and in other areas, then it was most certainly possible for me to show up more fully in my business.

Win with Systems to Resolve Problems

Problems in business are inevitable. In fact, the reason you are in business is to solve problems for your customers. When they come up, a timely and systemized way to handle them are critical. How do people report an error or issue? What is the time frame in which you acknowledge the error and how it will be resolved? Do you check that they are satisfied with the outcome? This information will help you and your staff to handle the good and bad which comes with running a growing business. It will help to reduce any negative feedback that a customer may send your way. Having a systemized way to handle disputes and correct problems gives you a lot of good information of how to improve your product and service delivery.

The Most Visible Entrepreneurs Win with Social Media

In small communities where everyone seems to know everyone, the belief is that customers will just find me. Everyone knows what I sell and what I do. But communities change, old customers give way to new, more tech savvy customers. They want to know about you through the channels they use most.

Even here on tiny Montserrat, population 4690, I see this play out daily. The businesses who are not online, don’t do any marketing and certainly no social media, are seeing their market share being eroded by newbies who promote online.

Getting on social media doesn’t mean that they have a better product or service than the more established companies. However, their accessibility and willingness to share information and go the extra mile to answer questions through social channels means they become top of mind when that customer needs a service.

You do not need to be on every social media platform and you don’t need to copy what you see others do. Learning who your customers are and how they want to connect with you will help to clarify where and how you show up.

Final Thoughts

Whether you run a business with a physical storefront, operate from home, or run a digital business, staying visible is how you will survive and thrive in today’s world.

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