Now that Nelson Mandela has passed on, along with the increased sharing of photos and his famous quotes come the question, “Who will take up the mantle?”

We share our despair on each others statuses that no one can do what he did, that the world is in such a state that no one cares to make those kinds of sacrifices…What 27 years of my life behind bars at the mercy of a system that has never favoured blacks?

I don’t think so.

We laud Mr Mandela for his courage and all he did but we forgot he was a man. He was human like we are. With fears, hopes, dreams and a natural survivor instinct.

Most of us believe that we would not willing do harm to another individual. “It’s not my personality.” You say.

Let you child come home with a busted lip and black eye and you see how fast you can work up the rage to do harm to another human. In the same way, if we lost our job tomorrow we would find that suddenly all the skills we didn’t have time to use, come in handy to make some money and pay the bills.

We seem trained to believe that someone can always accomplish greater things than we can. We are more likely to want to raise our hands after someone else has done it. Always looking for someone to lead and take the blame if necessary.

But this time around, don’t bother looking around to find the next hero, the next world changer.  For that you don’t have to go much further than a reflective surface and take a look at the person staring back at you.

Yes, you got it. The answer to the crisis, the solution to the problem, the leader, hero, world changer is you…