#TellYourStory With Press Releases

Press releases are still very much en vogue.

In the traditional sense, a press release is to give a journalist just enough information to want to call you for a more in depth story. However, in today’s world where everyone has a blog and digital media sets the trends, a press release can often get published verbatim.

Herein lies the opportunity.

You can get a variety of platforms to share your story IF you make it news worthy. How do you do that? It needs to be more than self promotion. Rather than say how great your business is, show how great it is by telling a story.

How is your business solving a problem for residents in your community? How is the product changing lives and making an impact? Who are the people being helped and what can they tell us about your work?

The information you share must resonate with the editor first. They need to feel as that your release will help their readers/viewers to learn or make more informed decisions. If the editor decides to publish, make sure the headline is punchy and targeted, your opening paragraph needs to get right to the point. What is the problem and what is the solution. Use the subsequent paragraphs to share customer feedback, or an experts view which supports your claim. Your release needs to add value. It needs to resonate with the reader or viewer as a product or service that they want to know more about.

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