Nerissa Golden smiling at laptop screen

Believe in Your Magic

Kes the Band has a song that says Believe in the Magic. I hope you know the magic is in you. It’s that unique combination of skills, experience, culture, your wit, your outlook that no one else can replicate. That magic is what will set you apart. It is what your clients have been looking for. They are wandering aimlessly.

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Are you ready to be visible?

Being Visible Means Taking Up Space

Over the past two years, I’ve gone all in on the mantra of #TelllYourStory and reminding you that it was okay to Show Up and Show Off. Whenever I speak to Caribbean women, they share how exhausted they are feeling and how underappreciated they are on the job. Diving in to ask what have they been doing? How have they

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Join the Be Visible Challenge

For the past 12 years when people see me I usually have a camera in my hand. However, I’m never the one on camera. I spend most of my time capturing other people’s story. I have to change that this year. If I want my work and voice to be amplified, I’ve got to show up too. So, I have

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