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#SundaySermon – You are Ready

This morning’s Sunday Sermon invited everyone to finish the sentence ” I am Ready to …”

I completed it by saying “I am ready to receive everything that God has for me.” I then invited others to believe the same statement.

Often we don’t declare it because we believe we are not ready. We need to fix our lives right before we deserve good things to happen through us and for us. This was me. There was always something else that needed to be fixed before I could be blessed.

It’s like hiring a maid to clean but then cleaning up before they arrive so they don’t see how messy we are.

Pride stops us from being blessed to the full measure that God wants to give us. I don’t want you to miss out anymore.

Time to declare it then wait expectantly for the blessing.

When you declare and expect, God shows up with what you need to prepare you to enjoy His gifts.

What are you ready to receive today?