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Start Grow Thrive Cover
Cover design: Kathryn Duncan of Karibgraphics, Trinidad

When 19-year-old Kyle finds himself jobless after college, he embarks on a journey into entrepreneurship. Guided by his Uncle Ned, who challenges him to go beyond selling roadside food, Kyle must overcome his fears, think big, and outclass the competition in a pandemic.

This book provides tools for rethinking small ideas and reveals how intentional and innovative actions are the secret to long-term success. Parents will discover concepts to discuss with their children and it gives insights for every reader to remember there is still time to build a business that can last for generations.

Write the vision and make it plain. The 2022 Flourish Productivity & Content Planner will help you map out your vision for the year ahead, define your short and long-term goals and provides ample space to incorporate them into your monthly, weekly and daily activities.

Achieve more. Women entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of compartmentalizing their life. This planner provides a system to organize the various facets of your day so you can stay focused and on track as you create the life you desire.

Refresh & Renew is the 2022 theme and the monthly declarations offer inspiration to meditate and take action on.

Create Content that Connects. The weekly content worksheet is the perfect solution for mapping out the products and resources which will solve your customers’ needs, increase your visibility and build your business.

The 2022 Flourish Productivity and Content Planner also offers space to keep track of your financials and project targets.

Keep the essentials for growing your business all in one place.

The 2021 Planner for Growth-Oriented Female Entrepreneurs provides ample space to capture the goals and dreams for the year ahead.

The planner has been redesigned to be more project focused. Also included are: Monthly budget sheets, Goals worksheet, Big Picture Worksheet, Content Creation Worksheets, Product/Services Worksheet, and Week Ahead Chart.

Be inspired to flourish spirit, soul and in business in this 30-Day Guide to Living Happy. Get a daily dose of motivation, make a declaration and take an inspired action on the road to living happy in every area of your life.

This guide provides insights on enjoying the simple things in life, honoring how we are fearfully and wonderfully made and identifies blessing blockers, which keep us from success.

In The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth, Nerissa Golden highlights how Caribbean people can use their passions to create rewarding business ventures.

The book is divided into three sections: What Daddy Taught Me About Money, Fear Factors: Barriers to Financial Success and The Noah Principle: Strategies for Gaining and Maintaining Wealth.

Do you know what social media platforms are right for your business? How can you business stand out in the crowded social space? These questions and many more practical ideas on building your company’s social media presence are available in Like. Follow. Lead. Mastering Social Media for Small Business.

This book takes you on an entrepreneurial journey around the world as trailblazing women share how they tackled challenges head-on through stories of resilience, courage, and determination!

Learn how these women overcame neglect, abuse, discrimination, cultural bias, and societal pressures and became successful entrepreneurs who are making a global impact on the lives of women around the world.

Short Stories and Novels

Forced to isolate after a colleague tests positive for COVID-19, Bria Collymore is stuck inside and reliant on her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Riley’s got 14 days to convince her they should work things out. But how’s he to accomplish that when he can’t do any of the things, he’s always thought a man had to do to woo a woman?

Finding love is the last thing on Andrea Reid’s mind when her travel business disappears overnight because of a global pandemic.

Forced to find another way to support her four-year-old, and with restrictions thwarting her money-making plans, she must face her fears and try something new. Her reclusive neighbor David Canoe comes to the rescue. Who knew you could find love under lockdown?

Book 2 in the Return to Love Series

Nikki Alvarez thought Montserrat was the best place to disappear and start life over. But her past has followed her to the tropical paradise in the most sinister of ways.

Being a police trainer on an island with minimal crime seemed an easy win for Dane Maartens, who wants nothing more than to raise his boys in peace. But trouble is washing up on the shore and his beautiful new nanny has secrets which could solve the mystery. Will she trust him to protect her heart and with the truth?

Book 1 in the Return to Love Series

Tragedy tore them apart and now a new crisis is bringing Monique Sinclair face to face with the man who broke her heart 18 years ago.

After Callen Saunders’ professional basketball career comes to a crashing end he returns to the beautiful Caribbean island of Montserrat broken and bitter. Could the love of an old flame give him a reason to start over?

Recapture memories of growing up in the Caribbean in Island Days.

See life the way it used to be through the eyes of Max and Grace.

Relive moments of playing cricket in the streets on Match Day and going to fetch the post on Mail Day.
Enjoy the imagery and fun of Market Day and Festival Day in these seven rhythmic poems written by Nerissa Golden and illustrated by Kathryn Duncan.