“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of that opportunity” – Tudor Bismark

This is one of my favourite quotes and I need for you to take it to heart.

We hear often that God is waiting for you to get right and fix this or that. We mistakenly believe that our lack of movement is delaying God from moving on our behalf. Truth is, He’s already set things in motion and you are already on your collision course with your destiny.

Question is: Will you be ready to receive it and manage it well?

The story of the 10 Virgins awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom comes to mind. (Read it here in Matthew 25.) Five of the young women took extra oil to refill their lamps and the other five didn’t. As the groom was delayed they fell asleep waiting and by time he showed up their lamps were out. Five were able to refill and go to the wedding and the other five missed out because they had no light.

Life is daily presenting us with opportunities to become more of who we want to be and to reach the goals we have set. We miss them because they don’t often come looking like opportunities. If you continue in that chapter, the parable of the talents is told which tells of how three different people make use of what they’ve been given. The chapter ends with Jesus’ judgment of the nations.

In this section, He tells the people that they are welcome to live with Him because they fed, clothed, took care of him when ill and so on. Others were rejected because they did not do this. The question is then asked When did we do this to you? He said when you did it to the least of these people around you, you did it to me.

Opportunity won’t show up saying Look me Here! You will simply need to stay diligent with the life and plans you have, making steps to move towards the change your desire.

The opportunity to teach you patience is hidden in the incessant cries of a cranky baby, the drama of an angry teen or the thoughtlessness of a spouse. The opportunity to learn more about your craft is hidden in a chance meeting with someone you wouldn’t ordinarily speak to and seemingly worlds apart from you and your dreams. The opportunity to be faithful and to trust more is hidden in the late night hours, cramped apartment and empty bank account as you are battle with the words to get them to come out right on paper.

Don’t miss them because they have not shown up with a big neon signed marked Opportunity.

Each opportunity has a shelf life and you need to take advantage of it when it is still good. Don’t try to be where you are not and miss what is right in front of you. More moments will come and I hope you will be ready to make use of them.