IG-Winning-BoltYour big idea is burning a hole in your brain and you are ready to get cracking. But do you know where you want to get to?

I used to get panic attacks when I imagined my business five years down the road and sometimes even a year away. Somehow failure always seemed the end result and that would often stop me from progressing on new ideas and products.

While failures will come they don’t have to be the end. Use them to fuel your plans to overcome setbacks and issues that arise.

You’ve got to see your business as successful even before you begin. Expect to make it. Believe the help you will need will come at the right time and in the way that elevates and advances your vision.

Going from a mindset of failure to one of success doesn’t change without effort. Open your mouth and declare this problem will not stop you. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself about the outcome you want, not the outcome you fear. Practice to pay attention to your thoughts. Stop negative thinking by changing your position, shouting No, pumping your fist. Just shake yourself out of that negative space and focus on the good you desire.

The success you have been praying and working on is coming. Don’t let doubt block that from finding you.