Review: What Do You Have in Your House?

What-Do-You-Have-In-Your-HouseSince meeting this Truly Caribbean Woman Donna Every several months ago I’ve been overdosing on her novels and inspirational books.
What Do You Have in Your House? is a book you can read in one sitting if you are a voracious reader and definitely if you are one who is desperate for a financial miracle.

In a small easy to read format it gives you practical ways to discover what you may already have available to you which you can turn into a new source of income. Using the biblical story of the Widow’s Oil Donna helps us define what our oil could be and how it could be the answer to our problems.

Donna notes that the book is not for everyone, only those desperate for a financial turnaround. Why? Because it will take work and is not for those who will allow fear to keep them away from changing their circumstance.

I will feature a few thoughts from the pages all this week on my Facebook page so check them out. Also please get your copy of What Do You Have in Your House? for your kindle or in print.