Q&A: How do I Promote my Tutoring Service

q&AI recently received this query from a reader. I’ve changed some of the details to protect their privacy but I believe the information can help you as you promote your own venture.

Q. My company is about to lay off all of its employees and I want to turn my part-time work as a tutor into a full-time one. I’ve tried sending out thousands of flyers via our local newspaper and didn’t get one response. However, using Facebook I got five new clients. What is the best way to promote my business so I can get the target of 20 clients per month?

A. If Facebook is bringing you results then please continue. You can share simple tips that show you are able to help children with various learning challenges. You would have to appeal to parents and children so be sure to offer advice to parents on how they can support their child’s learning. Use a combination of links, videos, and images to promote your business but also to offer the help people are looking for.

Be sure to tell them what makes your service different and the results you’ve had. In the Caribbean, we are very reluctant to endorse or share a service we’ve experienced positively. Try to get a few students and their parents to write a short testimonial. Share them on your social media and website. You can also offer them anonymity if they do not wish to take a photo or use their real name.

Rather than use flyers, get the newspaper to write a story about your business. You can also offer to write a column on preparing for the new school year, good study habits and how to research on the web. Try to write the articles at least one a week for the immediate future so that others can see you have expertise and real value to offer them. Also share the articles on your page and via email.

Be consistent and don’t give up.