Here are the projects I am currently working on:

Books – You can purchase all of my books via the links in the store. Bella’s story in the Return to Love series is coming soon.

Discover Montserrat is a news and lifestyle blog covering my homeland of Montserrat. Follow the Instagram account for beautiful photos and updates of events and experiences we are creating.

Emerald Vibes TV – Check out this YouTube channel for original entertainment content.

At Nerissa Golden on YouTube you will be able to get business tips in the Start. Grow. Thrive. playlist.

Truly Caribbean the website is being revamped and will be launched shortly as the space for the online business academy as well as the hub for news and info about Caribbeanpreneurs.

Discover Montserrat on YouTube – Regional content from other media producers is also available here. The Montserrat calypso archives from 2010 to present are also on this channel. Check out the calypso songwriting masterclass with some of Montserrat’s top calypsonians. They were interviewed by my daughter Nia, who is also a vocalist and songwriter.