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Photographers, Is A Scarcity Mindset Keeping You From Picking Your Niche?

In Montserrat, population 4690+, it is easy to have a scarcity mindset.

How would an entrepreneur succeed if they didn’t do many things?
But just like any other place in the world, people will hire you based on what you are known for.

I take photos for my work, but I wouldn’t call myself a photographer. To be known as a photographer I would specialize. You would know that I would be the one photographer on the island, in the Northeastern Caribbean, the OECS, the Greater Caribbean to call to do this extremely specific thing.

A scarcity mindset would say if I were a wedding photographer and there are only five weddings a year then maybe that would not be the area, I should specialize in.

But suppose that is your jam?

You take photos that make the bride and groom look like royalty on their day! You turn the table decorations and lighting fixtures into a keepsake image. People see your photos years later and feel the emotion of that special day.

Don’t worry that people want you to do nature photography and passport photos. Focus on wedding photography. Make it your niche.

Your next wedding gig may not be from someone who lives on island. It could be from someone planning to return home to get married, a couple who want a destination wedding, someone may fly you to where they live to take their photos.

When you try to be just another photographer rather than elevate your work to art in a specific niche, then you are subject to the same prices that everyone else charges to get work. When you are the only one or the master of a niche then you name your price and pick your clients.

There are more than enough clients for you.

You won’t find them, and they can’t find you because you are too busy trying to do what everyone else is doing, looking like every other photographer in the market.

Time to stand out.

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