One Word of Code Changes Everything

All I wanted to do was adjust the format of the completed manuscript for In Plain Sight so I could upload it to amazon for the Kindle store.

It should have been an easy fix, no more than half an hour of work, if that much. However, it took me most of the day to figure out why my chapters were not starting on separate pages but rather under the previous one.

By late afternoon, I stopped and reached out to a fellow author and friend with an SOS. Can you see what I’m doing wrong in the Word document? I really had tried all the versions of page breaks possible to fix the problem. Her response was that she did not use Word, she did her formatting with html. Duh, why didn’t I think of that?

I quickly downloaded the html zip file for the kindle version and pasted the code into Notepad.

I went through section by section. I knew where the issue had to be but I needed to compare what the code looked like between each chapter so I could find what was different about the chapters which were not cooperating.

It was pretty easy to spot the difference and I copied the correct code into each space and removed what did not belong. When I checked the preview all but on chapter was doing the right thing.

Again, I went through the code and there it was…one word. One word, that changed the way the page was functioning. Once it was removed, the chapter did as coded.

When was the last time you relooked the code which is guiding your life? We’re at the end of 2017 and have you begun to review what didn’t work and why it didn’t? Can you commit to doing more of what works and less of the things that brought your stress and unhappiness?

One minor adjustment can make everything fall into alignment for you this coming year. Take the time to relook your code and delete and update where needed.
Much love.
In Plain Sight is now available in print and for kindle on amazon. It definitely made me relook quite a few of my beliefs as I wrote. I hope it brings you much enjoyment as you read it.